100% financing USDA Home Loans

October 2012 - USDA Rural Development loan programs continue to be the most popular no money down mortgage for millions of Americans.

"NOT JUST FARM LOANS ANYMORE" - USDA loan popularity has continued to escalate over the last several years due to recent changes that have made millions of borrowers eligible for rural mortgage programs. USDA rural development loans are presently the only zero money down mortgages available to people wanting to purchase a home who are not military veterans. 100% USDA rural home loans are offered to borrowers with low monthly mortgage insurance and great low interest rates.

What does this mean to you? In simple terms, it means that a USDA rural housing loan will almost always have a lower monthly payment than similar loan programs because there is lower monthly mortgage insurance added to the payment. And you can purchase a home with no money down. There hasn't been a better time to take advantage of these exciting low rate USDA home loans and experience home ownership now.

USDA Home Loans

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100% USDA mortgage Loans are government insured mortgages that are offered to purchase a home in rural area. USDA Loans don't require a down payment and carry extremely low monthly mortgage insurance. Learn about your USDA RD loan options - It's Easy!

USDA Loan Requirements

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Using our USDA loan helper can be very helpful in deciding which type of rural development loan could be the right fit for your current circumstances. A USDA rural development mortgage can be used to purchase a home in most area of the country.

Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Rates are at or near the lowest levels in history. USDA Mortgage Rates remain extremely competitive. Get Rate Quotes Now